#I just write

I have made a discovery.

My writing project 365 words every day for 365 days (2015), was in fact not that hard.

It was a clear assignment that instructed me to just write something (with emphasis on SOMETHING). Every day. Simple as that.

From January 2016 and until now, I have not given that project a lot of thought. And I have also not had any desire to write. But recently, that changed.

And what do I discover?

I am clueless on what to write about. And I don´t want to commit to blogging every day. So with these two facts in mind, I ask myself:

What and when, then?

365 words every day for a year was a good concept because it took away all expectations I might have had to content and readers´interest. The only important thing, was to hit the publish-button before midnight.

And now?

I NEED A CONCEPT!!! At least I thought I needed one.

Many good ideas have been contributed, but something held me back.

That is, until Balotelli asked me:

“So what are you doing? If you don´t have a theme, you don´t have a concept, you don´t want to commit to a certain amount of articles per week AND you don´t know what to write about?”

“I just write”, I said.

“Well, then put a hashtag in front of it and get started”, he smiled.

So that´s what I did.

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