Hit me baby, one more time!

A dear colleague mentioned that the Norwegian word for trust (TILLIT) is the best palindrome, as it gives best results when it goes both ways.

(A palindrome is a word, phrase, number, or other sequence of characters which reads the same backward as forward, such as madam or racecar. – Wikipedia)

When super-boxer Grethe hits me in the stomatch, a certain degree of trust is involved. At least when I´m standing with my hands behind my head. It may look like the ultimate laziness, but it´s actually hard training. And it´s such a great feeling to feel that somewhere under the skin, there are some muscles that can tighten and take the blow, and as long as I am prepared, it really doesn´t hurt that much. (Oh yes, I am fully aware that the bearable pain level is a result of Grethes knowledge of how hard (soft) to hit).

I can feel it – I am becoming more and more like Idris Elba.

What I am about to tell you is no joke, although it may sound like it; on Friday I crossed paths with a handsome, musculous guy who spontaneously expressed when he passed me: “You look like African!

It CANNOT be the colour of my skin he was referring to, because it is as always… let´s call it “fresh offwhite”. So it MUST BE my SWAG, I am probably transforming into a Fighter in a way that all the world can see! (OK, to be fair, only 1 guy has seen it, I have approximately 7.3 billion people left to convince).

I´m taking it as a compliment.

And I have to TRUST the process, I have to believe that as long as I practice and train and learn og focus on having fun, I will surely be able to feel and see results soon. In fact, the massage therapist I´m seeing, did say that she noticed changes in my body. I replied that I noticed changes in her marketing strategy, and booked a new appointment right away.

I am sure it is also helpful to have a vivid imagination, because in my mind; what happened at training this morning, was exactly like what happens in this 18 second video clip from the documentary about Idris. I highly recommend checking it out, and judge for yourself.

Idris Elba slås i magen (yup, that´s exactly what PT Grethe did to me!)



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