Is that a bruise on my face?

I went to the hairdresser yesterday. As she washed my hair, she asked me:

“Is that a bruise on your face, or did I just spill some purple shampoo?”

I told her that I honestly couldnt´say. After training boxing for 2 weeks, I have become immune to pain.

She looked mighty impressed.

Spontaneously I started rapping like 50 Cent does in his song In Da Club:

“Been hit with a few shells, but I don´t walk with a limp”.

(If you don´t know, gangster rapper 50 Cent has been shot 8 times, but he doesn´t let that affect his walking. I guess he wouldn´t be a gangster rapper if he let minor details like that concern him. )

It turned out it was just purple shampoo and my hairdresser removed it with water. But for a few moments there, I felt unbelievably tough.

I quite enjoyed those moments.

(The above-mentioned lyrics is approximately 1 minute and 38 seconds into the song)


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