Risk and threats

“Why don´t anyone mention my athletic body?” I asked the group in front of me, while doing a simple SWOT-analysis of my goal to become a fighter.

“Because we are talking about your strenghts, not your weaknesses” they laughed.

I see. No sweat. No offence taken. I asked for it. Rude bastards.

(As the photo illustrates, I can dodge a bullet with my eyes closed and my hands in my pocket, so just a little respect would be nice).

When I asked what strengths they believe I possess, they quickly responded that I must be brave. So I wrote that down, not because I am convinced that I´ve got what it takes to go into the ring, but because I am convinced that I am brave enough to make a fool out of myself. If I didn´t have the courage to shout out to the world that I am becoming a fighter, I wouldn´t even have attempted to become one.

So, courage, will power, dedication and a body that functions, at least. And after the doctor told me to not give a shit about previous neck injuries or other pains and weaknesses, with a gym just a few minutes away from home who offer many fun training sessions, an inspiring trainer and free access to all the Idris Elba Fighter-episodes, I´d say I have a lot going for me to support me in reaching my goal.

My weaknesses, like the fact that I am not exactly in good shape, and that I know little about training and a supportive diet, are all balanced out by the “opportunities”, so I don´t have to worry about them yet. Obviously, the “threats” are what I should be concerned about.

I guess I need to reflect upon how to create a best possible balance, so that I don´t have a lot of areas where I need my will power, it must be saved for my Fighter-project. I will listen to the professionals in terms of how to train (and mayby how to eat) to minimise the risk of injuries and sickness. And then there´s the constant battle with time and avoiding overbooking every available hour of every day.

If I am to succeed, I think time management is crucial. And for me, that´s a hard one, as there is so much I want to do and so many people I want to meet. But I know I have to make room for relaxing, resting and living spontaneously too.

If I feel I cannot master this at all, I guess it will stop being fun. I am determined to take baby steps. The biggest threat to this project, as I see it, is if the rest of my life is not flowing well and it leaves me overwhelmed. So the keyword is BALANCE!

As for the goal to have Idris Elba discover me, a good friend of mine said that at least I have to translate my blog posts into English, and make sure to tag him. So that´s what I am doing here. Amongst the more than 4.200.000 followers, I should be quite easy to notice.

(Remind me to list my lack of ability to face reality under “threats”!)

PS! About the music video, my mum didn´t exactly tell me to knock them out, but she did say I should defend myself whenever I complained about bullies at school. I´ll include that in my thank you speech, when I celebrate my success a year from now.

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